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Degreasing machines

Creative engineering...
Degreasing machines with proven reliability in both functionality and longevity.

Degreasing machines are our main focus of production. The functional design of all our units has come from many years of operational experience, development and testing.


  • Slideset MH500
  • Slideset MH800
  • Slideset MH1200
  • Slideset MV500 1600
  • Slideset MV500 2100
  • Slideset Rozvadec
  • Slideset Nuz


Washing, rinsing or passivation of parts is often considered something less important and is usually seen as an extension to the production processing time. However, more and more of our customers are realising that when they invest in a quality degreasing machine, their investment will soon see a return not only in the reduction of manufacturing costs, but the increased efficiency and speed of the production processes.

All our degreasing machines are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic and are compatible with most chemical solutions used within our sector.

You will find that our standard unit range can be adapted to your own bespoke requirements - a machine made for you. Due to our specialised technical design team having many challenges requested of them over the years including: solving special technical requirements, non-standard applications and often also lay out constraints through this we have become experts in our field not only on the Czech market, but also internationally.

Our team of experienced designers and technicians are always on hand when you need them.

Steps for bespoke degreasing machine enquiries:

     Contact us

    Face to face consultation with one of our technicians

      Functional Design proposal


     Confirmed order

    Finite project proposal

     Customer’s approval of finite project


     Quality control and certification

    Installation and functional testing

    User training and machine handover


We also offer:
- Machine rental and trialling and development of specific degreasing processes

Extended guarantee
- Additional customer aftercare

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