Industrial bathing unit

Creation Date: 2020.05.27 ---- Modification Date: 2020.05.27 ---- Category: Engineering ----

Pneumatic device designed for submerging items into a chemical solution.

It is a simple machine that eliminates the strenuous work in the process of coating manufacturing parts and components that are of larger dimensions and relatively tall, because handling of them can be quite complicated and time consuming.

Items are loaded into a basket and lowered into a solution bath. The basket is attached to the device by folding arms, operated by an adjustable vertical pneumatic drive . The basket is drawn up and suspended over the bath to collect excess residue at the end of the process.



Maximum bath capacity 150 l
Basket dimensions H-130 x W-430 x L-545 mm 
Unit dimensions H- 1240 x W-1150 x L-1065 mm


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