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  • Elektro konstrukce - PLC řízení strojů se specializací na Siemens LOGO, výroba certifikovaných nerezových rozvaděčů ...
  • Tlaková filtrace - mikrofiltrace mycí kapaliny ...
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  • Zpracování materiálů: obrábění, svařování, ohýbání, vrtání, broušení, leštění ...
  • Automatické hasící zařízení - určeno k zamezení vzniku požáru při technologických procesech odmašťování a konzervaci dílů ...
  • Zpracování materiálů: obrábění, svařování, ohýbání, vrtání, broušení, leštění ...

Design – machinery

The most important part of the production of Trefal spol. s r.o. is the production of washing machines. We have been engaged in this branch of industry practically since the establishment of the company. All the years have brought us a great deal of experience, which we are constantly expanding and utilizing in our everyday work.  

Every new machine that leaves the company has its origin in our own design office. Here our current designers build on the work of their predecessors, adjust and improve older models, but also design brand new models. In this way, they strive to meet individual customer requirements.

logo SolidWorks

The whole designing process is done with SolidWorks software, which provides a wide range of tools and greatly facilitates, accelerates and refines our work. It allows us to see the whole product in a 3D model before it is manufactured. We have tools for simulating the load of machine components and assemblies, which speeds up the process of achieving an ideal product design. We can also simulate the flow of liquids and gases and adjust their distribution if necessary.

The output is detailed production documentation, including detailed technical drawings of components as well as complete assemblies.

Document import

The ideal file extensions for import into SolidWorks are the following: .SLDPRT ; .SLDASM or .STEP ; .STP
There are many more options, however. It is best to directly consult our designers.